Is this the peak of flawed online UX certification programs?

1. Peer reviews

Turns out those “graded assignments” are actually peer reviews, i.e., people taking the course at the same time are marking the submitted work. There was no Google instructor checking the work, there was no qualified 3rd party checking the work. The very same students that presumably know as much as me about the field are assessing the quality of the assignments.

2. Self-reflection exercises

Each unit has several self-reflection exercises, and it entails the student answering a particular question on a particular topic. Nothing unusual so far, except that you can type absolutely anything in the response box, and you will pass. Here is a screenshot of one of my purposefully awful answers.

This is one of the deepest episodes of self-reflection I’ve ever experienced in my life



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Madalina Galie

Madalina Galie

What I love most in life: my husband, pasta carbonara, and dogs.