This is so true! Having flirted with multiple industries is nothing to be ashamed of! We should all be happy to have the freedom to experiment with what works for us, that is something previous generations certainly didn't have access to!

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and experience, and no one else’s. The experiences of others might be different.

I enrolled in the Google UX Certification course hosted on Coursera with great hope of learning the ins and outs of User Experience from one of the biggest tech players in the world. Their story seemed very promising: 6 units, graded assignments (big emphasis on the word “graded”), and graduating not only being more knowledgeable but also having some shiny new portfolio pieces under my belt. Practitioners from Google will be checking my work and provide precious feedback, this is amazing…

Madalina Galie

What I love most in life: my husband, pasta carbonara, and dogs.

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